Sacrificial Anodes

  • Aluminium and Zinc sacrificial anodes for normal marine and oil and gas applications
  • High purity, large weight Aluminium jacket anodes, bracelet anodes and segment bracelet anodes for offshore platform and pipeline applications
  • Low potential Aluminium anodes for protecting high strength steels
  • High temperature Zinc anodes that protect at elevated temperatures
  • Sacrificial anodes for protecting water jet tunnels and propellers and rudders of small boats
  • Normal and High potential Magnesium anodes for high resistivity environments including for protecting buried tanks and pipelines

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

  • Automatic control panels from 10 amps to 1200 amp capacity
  • Zinc and Silver-Silver Chloride reference electrodes
  • Platinized-Titanium and MMO-Ti anodes
  • Diver replaceable anodes and REs
  • Passive Propeller shaft grounding systems
  • Complete ICCP systems for safely protecting Aluminium hull vessel

Low Signature ICCP systems for front-line warships

  • Specialized rugged ICCP systems with low Underwater Electric Potential, low ripple and low magnetic signature
  • Proven systems with automatic data loggers and microprocessor controls offering excellent corrosion protection with low electrical signatures, especially for stealth vessels.

Active Shaft Grounding Systems for front-line warships

  • Active propeller shaft grounding systems to reduce ELFE signatures emanating from propeller shafts on vessels protected by ICCP systems

Pipe-line Marine Growth Prevention Systems

  • Complete pipe-line anti-fouling or marine growth prevention systems for all types of vessels from tugs to FPSOs.

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